In these times of uncertainty, pessimism, nostalgia for the past, I persist in my photos and my texts to pose the beauty of the world, the color of the lights as an act of revolt, an affirmation of hope.

The image is my expression. First it was drawing, then video and now photography.

On the reverse shot of my photos, I pose short poetic texts. A desire to trigger the dream, to caress hope.

It seems important to me to cultivate generosity. To give. To give: to see, to hear, to read, to think. My image journeys are simple contemplation. From the Mediterranean to the foothills of the Alps, they stroll along the lights of Provence.

My photo work was the subject of several exhibitions, notably in various places in Marseilles, in Sète, in Paris

Medal of Vermeil by the Academy of Arts Sciences and Letters of Paris I now devote myself to poetry and photography.

Three books, available in bookstores: Au Rebord du Monde, Au Cœur du Monde, Du Haut du Monde are published by Editions La Trace. Combining image and poetry, they are a contemplative journey along Provence